Ask Ali - A Professional Dog Trainer Answers Your Dog Training Problems!

Should I adopt a second dog when my first dog doesn't like dogs?

March 23, 2023 Ali Smith Season 2 Episode 3
Ask Ali - A Professional Dog Trainer Answers Your Dog Training Problems!
Should I adopt a second dog when my first dog doesn't like dogs?
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In today's video, I'm answering lacoltural's question about whether she should adopt a second dog when her current dog doesn't necessarily like other dogs.

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 Welcome to Ask Ali with multi award-winning dog trainer, Ali Smith, answering real dog questions from real dog parents. One's from LA again who asks about adopting a second dog. When her dog doesn't seem to be interested in other dogs when they walk in, in actual fact she avoids them. And LA Cultural says that she's afraid that the new dog would.

An upsetting decision essentially for her existing dog. And again, first I really wanna commend you on recognizing this because recognizing that our dogs have a limited ability to cope with certain things and that they don't like certain aspects or similar. One second. My throat is getting really dry.

Whew, that's better. And recognizing that, our dogs have limitations is a huge part of being able to advocate for them and make the best decisions, not only for like our dogs, but at home. Because in the instance that you did say, bring in this new rescue puppy, and your original dog doesn't get on with them, the options are.

Ride it out for the rest of their lives or return the dog. And returning rescue dogs is never the best thing that we can do, right? Because it just upsets the whole process. So what I would do in this instance is I would take your existing dog. To the rescue that you are considering. And I would ask them if, probably call them ahead of time and ask instead and just ask whether your dog can interact with the dog that you're considering buying and see if she shows any interest.

If she shows literally none that you're taking a big chance. Okay. If. Gets interested, great. If she doesn't then sometimes we just have to say, she's not a multi dog, household dog. And that's, it's rubbish. And I really, thank you for trying to rescue, thank you for trying to do your best by your.

Both like your existing dog and potentially your future dog. But yeah, sometimes recognizing limitations is a big thing, and I know sounds really sad and I wish it was better. I wish it was better advice, but doing the best that you can. Is better than trying and failing when it comes to a rescue dog.

Because whilst it sounds really honorable to take the dogs in like messing, Messing a dog around and returning it to a shelter is actually quite stressful on the dog. Yeah I'd be I, especially if you return them with potentially more issues than they came to you with. So yeah, I, I personally would.

Absolutely encourage you to be very cautious and go to the rescue and discuss it with them because that you might be able to adjust her and you might not. Okay? So again, sorry that this isn't better news. 

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